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Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

Destinations I’ve been to:

  • Panama – I went there for one day but I want to go back though, I haven’t seen enough of Panama

    Panamanian women are beautiful

    Panamanian women are beautiful

  • Honduras – was there for a conference and left with a cold but it was nice. Left the day before some civil unrest began.. I don’t think I will be back but you never know.
  • St. Maarten – Was a beautiful drive around the Dutch side to the French side, also went to the nude beach
  • Puerto Rico – Was amazed to see how the women dressed to the nines just to go to the mall.
  • USA (5/50)*- New York, New Jersey, Maine, Florida,  Most of where I went in the States was for either funerals or just passing through on the way somewhere else. Maine however was a nice vacation. I would absolutely love to live where the lobster is so cheap!! Mmmm! The other option for me so far would be to live in New York…there is definitely something special about this city. The arts and the air is inspiring. Everything you breath fills your mind. It is also filled with eccentric and amazing people.

    New York

    New York

  • Canada (2/11)** – Ontario & Quebec. The latter was like a mini fantasy of what Paris should be. It was sweet and quaint in both summer and winter. Been there a couple of times. If you go, visit Old Quebec as a must!
  • Trinidad & Tobago – Trinidad is the industrial island and Tobago is the touristy island. There were still lots of adventures to have in Trini… If you go, you must try ‘Shark and Bake’ at Maracas beach, Doubles and a cold Carib or Stag as soon as you get off the plane, The bamboo cathedral, and Toco!
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines – Bequia was the main island I stayed on, won’t mind going back just to explore more
  • Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique – A tri-Island state that is peaceful and

Top 10 List of destinations I must travel to:

  • France – I want to see the vineyards and the Eiffel Tower
  • Germany – The castles of Bavaria is all I really want to see there
  • Japan – I love Japanese gardens
  • Hong Kong –
  • Italy – I need to see Venice and the gondolas, I need to see the paintings of Michel Angelo, I need to see the Colosseum in Rome, I need to feel the real Italy
  • Fiji – Love the beaches I have seen in pictures
  • Egypt – I need to see the Pyramids.. it’s all about The Alchemist!

    Egyptian Pyramids

    Egyptian Pyramids

  • Australia – I need to see the Koala Bears and Kangaroos
  • Bali – Love the beaches I have seen in pictures
  • Cuba – Cuban art and culture I want to experience

The do not go to list and why:

  • Ireland –  Major racism
  • Jamaica – Major homophobia
  • Mexico – Drug Cartel could disappear me :/
  • Congo – Too much Violence
  • Amazon – Snakes & Spiders.. BIG ones!!

Loving my curves takes time!


268634_211798275531035_2833688_nI created a new group. It’s called Vrai Femme which is french for Real Woman. It’s for all the real women out there, women with curves, women who love themselves.

I will accept, curvy, thick, shapely.. but I will not accept plus-size! We can change the way fashion sees us if we remove the word plus size, we become the norm! We are not plus sized.. we are normal!!

Clothing, shoes, health & beauty tips, for real women.. not mannequins! This is for all the real women out there… thick curvy beautiful stylin women!

I began exercising not to lose weight but because I see the body as a machine. If it is oiled and maintained it will work well.. If not it will shut down often. We are all getting older and we need to start taking care of ourselves. You have to love yourself, because people don’t take care of things they do not love.


1939644_10152267533188556_297417602_nAnyone can look like a model… makeup artists go to school to learn how to do this.. so don’t get depressed if you can’t do it girls. Besides, if you look like this every day, you won’t look STUNNING when you go out.. embrace your natural beauty daily, enhance what you have when you go out if you like! LOVE YOURSELF with or without!

Vrai Femme Because how many times we gonna go to a store and find nothing… or find that size 4 is the largest it has.. and we are not plus size cause nothing there fits either.. we are the normal sized women!! we are REAL.. not mannequins! visit http//www.facebook.com/vraifemme

P.s. we are on Pinterest too!


How the Tumbling Began


535204_10150980462576177_340549706176_12200481_1880767065_nI was born a free spirit trapped in my life! I have no idea exactly where in Boston… I guess I really am a no-wherian. My family and I left Boston when I was a lil over 3 years old, to go to the Caribbean. My father had gotten a job in St. Lucia. I remember clearly playing at the house. I remember the huge backyard and the big roundabout at the front of the house… which really wasn’t that big… turns out I was really little! LOL.

When I was 15 I was sent to boarding school in to finish my high school years and after a year, I left that little town where the boarding school was and moved out on my own to attend college in Ohio. I lived there trying to do my degree peacefully.

Seems normal so far, but somewhere along the way I messed up. And I keep messing up…only thing is that my mess ups always bring me to a new adventure. I get scared because I don’t know what is coming next. I just know I can’t live in a box when there is so much world out there.

Come along as I let you in on my 34 years of adventure that feels like 60. And I’ll fill you in on a few of the secrets that fill in the gaps!