BeachPart 1: A scintillating tale of a young girls journey of her coming of age living in the new millenium. Fiona Apple is a young troubled artist who born in Boston, grows up in St. Lucia, in a Rapunzel life overlooking the Caribbean Sea. During a troubling past, she underwent tests of endurance and rough psychological situations, some with devastating consequences. Her secrets cause unrest and creates a growing conflict that threatens to unravel her life.

Part 2: Fiona grows into a tumbleweed gypsy. Until she has to stop dreaming she believes there is paradise. She slowly changes and discovers what it means to be wise. Moving back to Boston, she is compelled to contribute to her life and let go of the haunting past which she also learns may be what helps to bring her family together…or may be what destroys it.

But, is this who Fiona REALLY is?


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