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pampammmOnce again I sit in front of my laptop, listening to piano music( it always helps me when I’m writing,painting or drawing) and thinking about how my day was.


It wasn’t perfect, it was beautiful. It started to rain when I was about to go out. I loved it! Walking in the rain is the most refreshing feeling that I’ve ever encountered. Peace,  quiet, the smell of fresh air…I could say that this is the proper moment for taking decisions.

“Should I change the world today?  Yes!

Do I have the power to do it? Yes!”

I feel like laughing. Some of you may think I’m crazy. Well, I am. I want to be. I have no regrets of what I have ever made. There were only lessons to learn. I’m proud of myself. I did things that others will never be able to do. I own something that…

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About Fiona Apple

I'm a nomad, a traveller.. a tumbleweed. I want to take you on some of my adventures. Life is never boring when the journey is in progress. Gradually I'll add more... I'm getting the hang of this. I'm not a writer, but I am an artist. I have a few philosophies in life... but they are basically common sense I have learnt along the way. Some may seem mean and heartless but it's all in good faith. I have been told I am funny and sarcastic and cynical at times... other times when I try to be serious and mean,... I still end up being funny. I spend my days watering my mini balcony garden, painting and doing the daily grind we call work. I also obsess over my one manic trait to move from place to place.

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