48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit Before You Die


Project Light to Life

Hey everyone!

I had to share this post. This article by the Matador Network features 48 Epic Dream Hotels to Visit Before You Die. The page made me depressed that I may never get to see or stay at some of these places, but also, extremely excited that these hotels exist and that it is still possible to see them all! The photos below are taken from the article, but if you click the link above, there are many more places to gawk and fantasize about staying at. Enjoy 🙂


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About Fiona Apple

I'm a nomad, a traveller.. a tumbleweed. I want to take you on some of my adventures. Life is never boring when the journey is in progress. Gradually I'll add more... I'm getting the hang of this. I'm not a writer, but I am an artist. I have a few philosophies in life... but they are basically common sense I have learnt along the way. Some may seem mean and heartless but it's all in good faith. I have been told I am funny and sarcastic and cynical at times... other times when I try to be serious and mean,... I still end up being funny. I spend my days watering my mini balcony garden, painting and doing the daily grind we call work. I also obsess over my one manic trait to move from place to place.

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