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How the Tumbling Began


535204_10150980462576177_340549706176_12200481_1880767065_nI was born a free spirit trapped in my life! I have no idea exactly where in Boston… I guess I really am a no-wherian. My family and I left Boston when I was a lil over 3 years old, to go to the Caribbean. My father had gotten a job in St. Lucia. I remember clearly playing at the house. I remember the huge backyard and the big roundabout at the front of the house… which really wasn’t that big… turns out I was really little! LOL.

When I was 15 I was sent to boarding school in to finish my high school years and after a year, I left that little town where the boarding school was and moved out on my own to attend college in Ohio. I lived there trying to do my degree peacefully.

Seems normal so far, but somewhere along the way I messed up. And I keep messing up…only thing is that my mess ups always bring me to a new adventure. I get scared because I don’t know what is coming next. I just know I can’t live in a box when there is so much world out there.

Come along as I let you in on my 34 years of adventure that feels like 60. And I’ll fill you in on a few of the secrets that fill in the gaps!